The Secrets to Choosing the Right Website Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Site

The Secrets to Choosing the Right Website Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Site

If you are a startup business, small eCommerce store or even just a professional wanting to showcase your work with an awesome gallery, WordPress is right for you. The first step is to find a hosting provider whether you are hiring a web developer or doing it yourself.

One thing to be aware of is that most web development companies will host your website with their own hosting platform, this is great if you stick with them for the existence of your website, but if you were to ever want to switch over to another web developer, it is a headache, costly and time consuming for sure! I always suggest that the company get their own hosting, it is cheaper for them and they are still in control!

Another thing which most people don’t know about hosting is that you are going to want to stick a hosting provider and not switch it up. It is very time consuming, costly etc. to switch it if you are unhappy with your hosting provider. It is not as simple as uploading your files to the new hosting and publishing it. Trust me, I have made this mistake and had to rebuild my first ever website from scratch. However, it can be done, but most beginners will not do it properly and your website will have to be rebuilt. Now days most hosting providers will offer to transfer it over for around $100 – $200 – worth it!

So, let’s do this right the first time!

There is no one perfect hosting provider for everyone. The right hosting provider for your website will depend entirely upon what you need and want from them.

I know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to try and figure it all out by yourself, because I have personally been there!

As I have been developing websites for clients for a long time now I have dealt with most mainstream hosting providers.





Initially I loved GoDaddy very much – I had their Ultimate Plan, their customer service is still one of the best in my opinion in terms of getting someone on the phone quickly and also that was knowledgeable with hosting, domains and all of that fun stuff. Sometimes you do get someone who might be new and not really know what they are talking about, in that case call again or ask to be transferred to another person so you can better assist you.

At first I only had one website and it was pretty small in file size. GoDaddy worked just fine, they will totally be adequate if this is what you want them for.

I personally switched over because I felt that my website was not loading as fast as I wanted it to and another website developer recommended BlueHost to me.


Now I started off with BlueHost 2014 and their initial Basic Plan worked just fine for me. I ended up upgrading once to the Plus because it offered that I can host more than one website at a time. I stayed on this plan for a year and was working fine until the last month, they had been doing maintenance on and off and my website went down a few times.

I called up asking “what is going on!” and they apologized and said they would be up and running in no time. I couldn’t wait for that so they told me that they had a new “Cloud Site” hosting plan. This was still a shared host server, but only with a few hundred sites – not thousands. Also it was mirrored off of 3 servers, so that way my website wouldn’t ever go down. I was sold!

Now from that point forward I always put my new clients on the “Cloud Site” Plus plan – for extra speed! I have been very happy with them for a while now!

In the end of the day, it is your call. Do your research and make your own decision. From my experience, I would choose BlueHost any day over GoDaddy in that their product is of a higher quality – though their customer service is sometimes a longer wait time.



Dominique Snyder
CEO, Founder