How to Speed up My Website? Optimize Your Content!!



Did you know, the most typical website size is actually only a whopping 1.91 MB! A photo you just took on your iphone or camera can be 8 MB alone!

What is the solution?

This 1.91 MB can actually go a long way, IF you OPTMIZE YOUR CONTENT! This is the biggest issue with website speed that first-time website designers or even small businesses that want to take a stab at doing it themselves run into.

Optimizing your content is simply lowering the quality of your images and video footage (if you are using a video background) so that they meet website standards for speed and loading time.

Most photos shot from your typical camera are about 300 DPI (dots per inch or pixels per inch), you need to lower every photo to 72 DPI. An awesome tool for editing and re-sizing photos is a free photo editing tool called “Pic Monkey” and we refer people here all the time who do not have Photoshop or the photo optimizing skills needed to operate Photoshop. For video you will need to compress it which is a bit more difficult, but I have found using this free online compressor from “Clip Champ” you can cut the size of your video in half or more! Lowering the quality will not change the appearance of your photos online, it would if you were printing them, but for websites they will not look any different.

Other factors can be involved with a slow website…

Such as hosting provider, your WordPress theme and Plugins.

For hosting providers, we recommend BlueHost – Cloud Site Plans – this is a fast reliable hosting provider that we personally use along with most of our clients. They are great at trouble shooting problems and very fast from our experience.

WordPress themes, we have many recommendations, depending on what you would like your website to look like, we can recommend a great theme for you!

With plugins, they can be hit or miss… You should always look at ratings/reviews and the amount of active installs on a plugin before installing it. Also, look at how frequently it is updated! You don’t want to install a plugin that someone created and abandoned, you will run into trouble in the long run!! We have many 3rd party plugins we recommend to speed up your website and even increase your SEO!

If you are totally lost, we can help! We can analyze your website and see what is slowing it down and give you recommendations!

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Dominique Snyder
CEO, Founder